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What Do We Offer?

Though household premises are mostly thought of when you think of having a garden installed within your premises, our services are not limited to any particular type of surrounding. The experts at Yorkshire Pro Cuts Ltd excel in offering both domestic as well as commercial tree services. From planting the trees to managing the dead and decayed plants to the removal of the stump, we offer anything and everything related to landscape management.

tree trmming service

At Yorkshire Pro Cuts Ltd, tree trimming service includes everything related to tree care and maintenance. We have a set of individuals with advanced gardening skills to serve the needs of clients and customers for whatever they hire us. Some of the technical processes that define the specialist tree trimming services have been listed below:

tree service


At times, there are trees the top of which grow to a certain extent and then stop showing any development. In case, anything as such has come into your notice, you can rely on us with our advanced pollarding services. Pollarding is a technique using which the top portions and the branches of a tree are cut off to facilitate new growth at the top.

Dead Wooding

Besides helping you with the plantation aspect and offering our efficient services to facilitate the growth of your plants and trees, we also help you in dead wooding situations. It is the condition where the branches or the limbs of a tree start decaying and they either break off or almost appear as dead. Our arborists know how to ensure healthy greenery and remove the junk in case a mess is created.

Dead wood

Crown Thinning/Reduction

We are a tree care company having experts to take care of your crown reduction needs. It is one of the tree removal techniques in which a particular portion of a smaller or tertiary branch is removed. The process involves the treatment of the outer crown and it is done to lead to a uniform density of foliage in the surrounding branch structure. The process of thinning does not really affect the overall shape or size of the tree being treated.

Canopy Thinning

As you may know, light is an important ingredient that facilitates the growth and development of the green members of your family. The canopy thinning is the process through which our experienced professionals ensure your plants, shrubs, and trees get sufficient light for growth. Depending on the need, either the entire canopy is treated or just a part of it. The process, when successfully completed, enhances both light penetration and air movement via the canopy and reach even the ground under a tree.

tree service


It is a regular horticultural practice that entails the removal of selective parts of a plant, which may form a portion of either branches or roots or buds. When it comes to the pruning services of Yorkshire Pro Cuts Ltd, we find two approaches really effective for your garden – Directional pruning and Vista pruning.

Directional Pruning

Also known as formative pruning, this technique involves the pruning of only those branches that cross the utility lines or other obstructions. It is an effective alternative to topping and is also referred to as natural pruning or “Shigo method.”

Directional Pruning
vista pruning

Vista Pruning

No matter which tree care services you opt for, the main aim that you have is to enhance the appearance of your yard, thereby increasing the elegance of the premise you live or work in. Vista pruning may appear to be an arboricultural term but then it is more of a term defining the beauty of your garden. The process involves the trimming services that offer a pleasing view to the green ambiance that your premise has.

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